Inspired by August Sander @ New Walk Museum, Leicester. Gallery of local peoples photographs inspired by the work of August Sander. ARTIST ROOMS on tour with the ART FUND.

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'sandergram' exhibition photos

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The 'sandergram' exhibition at Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery is on from 18 March – 12 April 2013.

From October 15th 2012 until 5th March 2013 we recieved 322 entries from people inspired by the 'ARTIST ROOMS: August Sander' at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, from these 70 were selected to be in the final exhibition alongside 78 works from Photography students at Leicester College.

Prize winners

The People's Prize sponsored by
Leicester People's Photographic Gallery
A cash prize of £50

Summer Moore
The Bystander


Leicester College Prize
A cash prize of £50

Paul Hirst
Artist with Pet Dogs


Leicester Arts & Museums Service
Selected to be part of the Arts & Museum's collection

Alex Severn

Andy Dell
The Photographer
(Extended Diploma in Photography)

Billie Patrick
(Extended Diploma in Photography)

Danny O'Callaghan
The Community Helper
(Foundation Degree in Photography and Video)

Gen Leverton
(Foundation Degree in Photography and Video)

Ian Davies
The Wedding Guest

Ian Nutt
Bell Founder

Jacob Russell
Untitled 3

Jacob Russell
Untitled 4

Jordan Deeney
(Extended Diploma in Photography)

Kajal Nisha Patel
Adolescent Sikh Boy 1

Kajal Nisha Patel
Elderly Hindu Woman 2

Kajal Nisha Patel
Premiership Dreams Football Coach

Lala Meredith-Vula After the Kosovo War 1999 (Public)

Marie Louise Garratt
(Extended Diploma in Photography)

Mary Cufflin
Twins (Billboard image)
(Foundation Degree in Photography and Video)

Nick Linnett
(Foundation Degree in Photography and Video)

Paul Hirst
Artist with Pet Dogs

Paul O'Leary
Girl on Bike

Shubnit Rehal
(Extended Diploma in Photography)

Tyrone Williams
(Foundation Degree in Photography and Video)

Leicester Peoples' Photographic Gallery is in the center of Leicester on Belvoir Street at the corner with Wellington Street. The gallery is open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm on Fridays and Saturdays and the exhibition runs until the 12th April 2013.

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The 'ARTIST ROOMS: August Sander' exhibition at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery highlighted Sanders life long project 'The People of the Twentieth Century'. Sandergram gave the opportunity for visitors to create and share their own photographic works inspired by the exhibition in an online 'People of the 21st Century' gallery here at From this there was a selection for an exhibition at Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery in March 2013. (Further details below)

About Sandergram

Leicester Arts & Museums Learning and Leicester College, Creative Arts and Media Department, Photography has formed an exciting partnership. This has enabled their students to be inspired and energised by the work of August Sander and consequently raise the profile of photography in the city.

The public also have the opportunity to respond and participate in this exciting project by submitting their photographic portrait images to reflect people of the 21st century.

NOTE: SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED - The deadline for submission entries was 5pm Friday 1st March 2013

To take part you can submit your images via Flickr / Facebook / Twitter / Email - see below for 'How to add your own images' and 'Terms and Conditions'.

Selected images will be exhibited alongside Leicester College students work at Leicester People's Photographic Gallery, 18 March – 12 April 2013.

We would like to thank the Art Fund that has generously supported these projects. It has allowed us to positively engage young people with contemporary art that has life-long meaning and impact on their lives.

For project details visit:
  • How to add your own images

    NOTE: SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED - The deadline for submission entries was 5pm Friday 1st March 2013

    There are a number of ways you can upload your own August Sander inspired photos to this gallery:

  • through our Flickr group (you need to create a flickr account if you don't already use Flickr),
  • or you can tweet them @leicestermuseum using the #sandergram hashtag,
  • facebook message them to Leicester Museums.
  • or you can email them to (please keep emailed images under 5Mb).
  • Please save your photo in this format 'Photo Title-Your Name.jpg' (e.g. 'Bricklayer-August Sander.tiff')

    Images may take upto 48hours to appear in the slideshow above and all images submitted will be subject to moderation for content and appropriateness to the project, any submitted images must be your own and please seek permission from those you photograph.

    These Submission Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from the downloads page

    Terms and Conditions

    Conditions of entry

    NOTE: SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED - The deadline for submission entries was 5pm Friday 1st March 2013

    By submitting your image(s) you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions;

  • It is free to submit your image or images (maximum of 10 per person).
  • On submission of your image(s) you agree that the organisers of this project and their partners (including funding and sponsoring partners) may use your image(s) without licence or fee on a permanent basis as long as it is accompanied with an attribution to the photographer and in the context of the 'Sandergram' project. The photographer retains copyright to the images.
  • Please name the image file with the photo's title and your full-name. E.g. Bricklayer-August_Sander.jpg Use a hyphen (-) between the title and your name and an underscore(_) between any words in the title or your name.
  • Please submit images at a minimum of 800 pixels high if portrait or wide if landscape and maximum of 5Mb entering via email (other entry methods may require smaller file sizes).
  • File types excepted include: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .pdf (may vary for entry methods).
  • If it is deemed that any submitted image is unsatisfactory due to content or appropriateness to the project it may not be included in either the online gallery or be selected for the exhibition.

  • Selection
  • There will be a selection of a limited number of images from those submitted by the Public.
  • There will be a selection panel with representatives from, Leicester City Arts & Museums Service, Leicester College and a freelance artist.
  • If your work is selected we will contact you via email/facebook/twitter/flickr.
  • You may be required to provide higher resolution photos than those submitted via email/facebook/twitter/flickr, if images of a sufficient resolution (approx. 3508 x 4961 pixels / A3 at 300dpi) are not available in time fore the production of the exhibition they may not be included.
  • Neither the selection nor placing of the work in the exhibition is open to discussion.

  • Exhibition
  • Exhibition dates, 18 March – 12 April 2013
  • We may reproduce your image for the purpose of the exhibition and to support any associated marketing materials, including, print and web.
  • These works must remain in the exhibition until the close of the exhibition and are the property of Leicester Arts & Museums Learning.
  • No work will be for sale; however we will retain any enquiries and pass these on to the relevant artist.

  • Publicity
    Leicester College and Leicester Arts & Museums Learning, reserves the right to use the art works for education and publicity purposes. Images of the exhibits maybe reproduced for promotional activities by:
  • Leicester City Council
  • Leicester College
  • Art Fund
  • Or any other associated body

  • Contact details:

  • These Terms and Conditions and the Submission Guidelines can be downloaded from the downloads page.

    The August Sander exhibition at New Walk Museum

    ARTIST ROOMS: August Sander
    29th September 2012 - 6th January 2013
    New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester

    Presenting one of the most comprehensive
    exhibitions of August Sander’s work in England.

    New Walk Museum & Art Gallery are delighted to announce one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of August Sander’s work in England, presenting 175 works by one of the twentieth century’s most important photographers.

    The exhibition of German photographer August Sander (1876-1964) draws together 175 photographs and a wide range of archival material from the collections of Tate, National Galleries of Scotland, Anthony d’Offay and Gerd Sander.

    This presentation creates a unique opportunity to see the different facets of August Sander’s photographic practice, including his celebrated portraits alongside less well known aspects of his work.

    August Sander’s most significant project was ‘The People of the Twentieth Century’. Sander wanted to create an encyclopaedic survey of different types of people from the first half of the twentieth century. His working life in Germany spanned the First World War, the interwar years, the rise of the Nazi party, the Second World War and its aftermath.

    His photographs are unflinching documents of a society going through huge change. The work reflects both the catastrophic political convulsions that Germany was enduring and a society slowly coming to terms with the impact of industrialisation. The clarity and breadth of his vision remains powerful and his vocational portraits still resonate today.

    More information on the exhibition and events surounding it are available here:

    About ARTIST ROOMS and the Art Fund

    ARTIST ROOMS On Tour is an inspired partnership with the Art Fund - the fundraising charity for works of art, making the ARTIST ROOMS collection of international modern and contemporary art available to galleries throughout the UK. ARTIST ROOMS is jointly owned by Tate and National Galleries of Scotland and was established through The d'Offay Donation in 2008, with the assistance of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Art Fund and the Scottish and British Governments.

    The guiding principle for the creation of ARTIST ROOMS is the concept of individual rooms devoted to particular artists so that the work of important post-war artists can be seen and appreciated in depth. The collection of over 1000 works includes major bodies of work by seminal figures such as Diane Arbus, Joseph Beuys, Vija Celmins, Gilbert & George, Damien Hirst, Anselm Kiefer, Jeff Koons, Jannis Kounellis, Robert Mapplethorpe, Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha and Andy Warhol.

    For more information visit the Tate gallery website or National Galleries of Scotland website.

    The Art Fund have, since 1903, helped over 700 museums and galleries throughout the UK acquire thousands of great works of art from 2,000 BC to the present day for the public to enjoy. In 2008 they gave an exceptional grant of £1 million towards the acquisition of ARTIST ROOMS, Anthony d'Offay's collection of international modern and contemporary works.

    For more information on the Art Fund visit:

    Leicester Arts and Museums would like to thank the Art Fund for their generous support, their project funding enabling us to positively engage young people with contemporary art that has life-long meaning and impact on their lives.

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